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February 06, 2012 J


Congressional pork barrel pig-outs may for now be on hold, after embarrassing publicity about earmarking abuses shamed leaders into calling a temporary halt to the practice, but Americans for Prosperity-Colorado wants to prolong that pork-free diet by asking members of Colorado’s Congressional delegation to take a 2-year no earmarking pledge. Below is a copy of the pledge AFP-Colorado is encouraging all elected officals to sign:

“Earmarking” is a process used by members of Congress in both political parties to redirect taxpayers funds to identified projects without going through a rigorous merit review process. The practice of earmarking has increasingly contributed to misuse, fraud and abuse in the federal budgeting process and wasted the hard-earned money of working families in Colorado.

I, —————, a member of/candidate for the U.S. Congress from Colorado do hereby pledge to my constituents that I will refuse to seek or support earmarks during the congressional appropriations process through the end of the end of the 113th Session of Congress in 2014.”

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