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AFP-Colorado Bestows First “Monkeywrencher of the Month” Award

January 31, 2012 J

AFP-Colorado Bestows First “Monkeywrencher of the Month” Award
New website will track economic, fiscal and human harm done by Green extremism

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – WildEarth Guardians today earned the dubious honor of “winning” the first ever Monkeywrencher of the Month Award, given out by Americans for Prosperity-Colorado in conjunction with the launch of a new series of reports, and new website, MonkeywrenchingAmerica.com, aimed at highlighting the economic, fiscal, judicial and human harm being done by professional green extremists.

This group’s growing reliance on taxpayer support, which frequently comes from some of the same federal agencies it’s so fond of suing, isn’t just ironic, it’s outrageous,” said Jeff Crank, AFP-Colorado State Director. “Americans unknowingly are bankrolling this one group’s effort to clog the courts, monkey-wrench the economy, and promote the growth of government regulation. We hope this report and website will help raise awareness of how expensive, destructive and counterproductive this agenda is.”

AFP-Colorado chose WildEarth Guardians for the honor based on the findings of a just-published report, “Monkeywrenching the Courts,” documenting the group’s exploitation of taxpayers, courts and poorly-written laws to pursue a radical litigation-driven agenda, aimed at crippling the Western economy and way of life. Not only is the group a “lawsuit generating machine,” according to the report, but it also relies heavily on taxpayer dollars, in the form of grants or legal cost reimbursements, for its survival – something that may not sit well with Westerners who see the group as a threat to their jobs, property rights, economic opportunities and access to public lands.

As if to reinforce the report’s findings, the group has been generating more litigation-related headlines in just the past week, including:

In order to keep a continuing spotlight on these issues, this and other reports will be housed on a new website, www.monkeywrenchingAmerica.com, that will include news aggregators, blogs and original content aimed at documenting the costs and consequences of the green assault on America’s economy and freedoms.

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