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Watt's Up?

January 06, 2012 J

Watt’s up?

You’ll probably be hearing a lot more about how so-called renewables are overtaking nuclear power as a national electricity provider. But like just about everything else involving alternative energy, it’s mostly just hype, generated by those who want to show progress where progress is lacking.

Much depends on how one defines “renewable energy,” as this Washington Post blog explains. Subtract hydropower, which isn’t exactly a newfangled thing, and the slice of America’s energy pie being supplied by solar, wind and gerbil wheel power is still embarrassingly small — especially in light of all the government support they get.

And would it really be so surprising if renewables were in fact closing the gap on nuclear? The latter is regulated to death and the constant target of alarmists — when was the last time a new U.S. nuclear power plant was built? — while the former is propped-up with everything government’s got and put on a pedestal.

Even with all these disadvantages, nuclear is still kicking atoms.

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