Demand to Know What Happened

An alarming recent audit of the Governor’s Energy Office found that a shocking $252 million in taxpayer funds, spent over the past 6 years, can't be accounted for. When Statehouse Republicans recently requested a deeper look, in order to solve the mystery of where those funds have gone, Democrats killed the proposal cold, leaving the taxpayers in the dark about what’s really going on in the office.

Join us in calling on all lawmakers -- and on Gov. John Hickenlooper -- to initiate a prompt, comprehensive, no-limits investigation of Energy Office operations, expenditures, impacts and bookkeeping practices, so Coloradans can be sure that whatever’s gone wrong in the office is publicly disclosed and promptly corrected. Sign the petition now and urge your friends to sign it as well.

It’s your money, not the state’s, and you have a right to know the facts about where the money went and how it was spent!

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