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Fiscal Cliff “Fix” is a Raw Deal for Taxpayers

By James Volvo The last-minute deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff suffers from some of  the worst ailments of Washington’s backroom deals.  Primarily, it does not  address the nation’s fiscal imbalance because it allows taxes to go up but fails  to tackle the true driver of our economic woes: runaway government  spending.  Not surprisingly, [...]


Join Our Twitter Rally Today!>

April 11, 2012 J

Today, Americans for Prosperity Colorado, co-hosting with Parent Led Reform, will host a “Tweet Rally” for the first EVER Open Negotiations Douglas County Schools and Douglas County Federation of Teachers. This marks the first time these negotiations have been open to the public.

The tweeting gets started at 8:15 MST. Click here to join the conversation, or use hashtag #Dougconeg.

Click here to read more about the contracts being discussed
between the Douglas County School District and the Douglas County Federation of Teachers.

The Colorado Observer Highlights the Work of Monkey Wrenching America

March 06, 2012 J

On March 2, The Colorado Observer highlighted the work of Monkey Wrenching America, noting the research performed by Monkey Wrenching America on environmental group WildEarth Guardians, a group which has filed 145 lawsuits since 2008—roughly one every week and a half—and tapping public dollars to help pay the legal bills.

“These guys have a serious case of tunnel vision,” Sean Paige, who works with Americans for Prosperity Colorado and is spearheading the Monkey Wrenching America project, told the Colorado Public Advocate. “They’re obsessed with litigating their agenda, consequences be damned.

Click here to read the full article on The Colorado Observer.

Our Low Volt President

March 05, 2012 J

The President used his Saturday radio address (does anyone even isten to those any more?) to prattle-on about the amazingly fuel efficient cars Americans can look forward to, after two or three more rounds of federal mandates and meddling. Apparently he didn't see that memo about the Chevy Volt.

AFP Colorado Confronts the Green Threat to our Economy, Property and Freedom

February 17, 2012 J

AFP Colorado is proud to announce the launch of a major initiative, Monkey Wrenching America, a project which highlights the economic and fiscal harm done by professional environmental extremists.

Today, environmental extremists are using lobbying power, indoctrination, saturation litigation and manipulation of government regulatory mechanisms to achieve their goals of hobbling the U.S. economy, driving-up energy costs, increasing government’s regulatory power and limiting public access to public lands.

The green-leaning “mainstream media” declines to report on the costs, consequences and human casualties of these monkey-wrenching activities, but MonkeyWrenchingAmerica.com, aims to help fill that void, and expose this destructive side of the movement, with original reporting, news aggregation, blogs and investigative reports.

Colorado’s Congressional Delegation Asked to Swear-Off Pork

February 07, 2012 J

Congressional pork barrel pig-outs may for now be on hold, after embarrassing publicity about earmarking abuses shamed leaders into calling a temporary halt to the practice, but Americans for Prosperity-Colorado wants to prolong that pork-free diet by asking members of Colorado’s Congressional delegation to take a 2-year no earmarking pledge.

“Signing the pledge is one important test of whether the Congressman or congressional candidate is serious about reining-in runaway deficits and debt,” said AFP-Co State Director Jeff Crank. “Earmarking is an abuse of the budget process that Americans correctly recognize as an open invitation to corruption, cronyism, and vote-buying. We would like to see earmarking permanently banned, but we’re taking this one step at a time by asking for a 2-year promise.”

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