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Fiscal Cliff “Fix” is a Raw Deal for Taxpayers

By James Volvo The last-minute deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff suffers from some of  the worst ailments of Washington’s backroom deals.  Primarily, it does not  address the nation’s fiscal imbalance because it allows taxes to go up but fails  to tackle the true driver of our economic woes: runaway government  spending.  Not surprisingly, [...]


AFP Strongly Urges Support for Pro-Jobs Bill

September 09, 2011 J

Americans for Prosperity Colorado is calling on all members of the state’s congressional delegation to support HR-2587, a bill up for a possible vote in the House of Representatives next week that would help curb abuses of power by the National Labor Relations Board, a formerly-obscure New Deal panel that has assumed an aggressive new posture under the union-friendly Obama Administration. Because U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-7) is seen by AFP as a potential swing vote, AFP activists will be visiting Perlmutter’s district office in Lakewood Monday at noon, in the hope of influencing his vote on the bill.

The Sounds of Silence

September 01, 2011 J

Where's Bruce Springsteen? Where's Bonnie Raitt? Where's Bono? Where are the Dixie Chicks?

Where are these and all the other left-leaning musicians who purport to care about the "little guy," the "working man," the politically persecuted, in response to a federal raid by the Obama administration's overzealous eco-enforcers on the Gibson Guitar Company, alleging the illegal importation of exotic wood?

Don’t Just Get Angry, Get Active!

August 10, 2011 J

Why is the American economy in the dumper? We don’t have time here to list all the reasons.

But one obvious anchor on any economy, and on the American economy especially, is rising energy costs. Like it or not – and some Americans do not – the fact is that there’s a strong correlation between economic productivity and energy consumption, and higher energy prices mean that virtually everything we do or buy costs more. That reduces consumption, fuels inflation, eliminates profit margins, kills business (and jobs) and means Americans are paying more just to run in place.

No wonder the economy is sputtering.

No Great Loss

August 02, 2011 J

The push to rein-in and reform overgenerous government pension plans has many senior government workers rushing for the exits, according to a spate of recent news reports (here and here), leading to worries, in some circles, about a bureaucratic "brain drain." But one analyst, the Manhattan Institute's Steve Malanga, believes such fears are unfounded, because they're based on the false premise that competence and excellence are the keys to career longevity in the public sector.

“Deal” or No Deal?

August 01, 2011 J

AFP Foundation released the following statement yesterday, in reponse to the "deal" struck on the debt ceiling issue:

"It is a tremendous victory for free market activists that, for the first time in history, the debate over raising the debt limit became a debate over cutting spending. For that, we should be heartened that our efforts are truly making a difference. But we must continue to fight, because this deal is simply inadequate to the size of the fiscal challenge our country faces.

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