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AFPF - Keep Colorado Competitive

Join Americans for Prosperity Foundation Colorado and guest speaker Barry Farah, speaking on the topic: Keeping Colorado Competitive, in the Face of Overreaching Government.

This event includes a FREE dinner and presentation.

Barry Farah, successful entrepreneur, co-founder of one of Colorado's largest charter schools, former chairman of an international engineering ministry, and author. Barry will explain Colorado's challenges from bureaucratic overreaching influences on education and small business to regional rivals like Texas, Utah, and Wyoming and specific policies that can launch Colorado into a new era of wealth and well-being for her citizens.

Colorado must rise to the challenge to overcome these harmful influences in our schools, our businesses, and our families by reforming its current policies, or risk being left behind.

For more information, please email infoCO@afphq.org.

*This event is hosted by Americans for Prosperity's sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation

Where Denver Aquarium 700 Water St Denver, CO 80211

When March 19, 2014 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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