Stop “one size fits all” Education

March 07, 2014

Common Core is to education what Obamacare is to healthcare . In both cases you have arrogant but incompetent Washingtonians trying to “fix” what isn’t really broken, by imposing one-size-fits-all “solutions” that create more problems than they solve. But there’s still time to stop Common Core (or at least to force a thoughtful pause before the big plunge) if folks like you weigh-in on the issue now.

Email members of the Colorado State Senate Education Committee to stop Common Core

There’s a bill now before lawmakers, Senate Bill – 136, written by Colorado moms , which will buy Colorado precious time by ordering a one-year delay in implementation and independent review of costs and implications. This pause will give us time to look around, at how Common Core is unfolding elsewhere, and to have the informed debate that was missing when Colorado blindly jumped aboard this bandwagon back in 2010.

We recognize that state leaders of both parties were well-intentioned when they gave Common Core early approval. But so much troubling new information has come to light since then – so many problems are being reported from other Common Core states — that this would be a good time to pause, look at the problems Common Core is creating elsewhere, and revisit the question of whether it’s right for Colorado.

So tell them now that our kids deserve a Common Core delay!

Thank you,

Dustin Zvonek

Colorado State Director

Americans for Prosperity

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