Sen. Udall is putting special interests ahead of Colorado

May 07, 2014

By opposing the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, Mark Udall is putting billionaire special interests ahead of the overwhelming majority of Americans who want to see it built.

Call Senator Udall and tell him to support the Keystone XL Pipeline!

For months, Sen. Udall has been trying to have it both ways with the Keystone Pipeline, hoping that Coloradans wouldn’t notice.  Instead of playing political games, Mark Udall should have been upfront with the people of Colorado from day one.

Now it’s clear – when it comes to energy and jobs in Colorado, Mark Udall stands firmly with Tom Steyer, The League of Conservation Voters and the Obama administration.

Give Senator Udall a call and let him know that he needs to stand up and do what’s right not just for Colorado, but for the whole country!

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