School Reform at Risk in Douglas County

October 07, 2013

“It’s Working” Initiative Enters New Phase

Douglas County residents generally seem pleased with the progress public schools have made in recent years, thanks to bold, reform-minded policies. Yet forward progress isn’t guaranteed — and residents need to remain vigilant about continued reform; otherwise the County will reverse ground and return control of the district to hidebound teacher unions.

That’s why Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the state’s largest free-market educational organization, this week launches the next phase of the “It’s Working” initiative, a multi-faceted education effort aimed at touting recent district successes.

The next phase of “It’s working” will include new television ads, running on local cable stations, and grassroots elements like neighborhood walks and phone banks, relying on volunteers. The group’s first 3 TV spots focused primarily on ways reform is working in Douglas County; the new ads stress that continued progress depends on parents and other residents putting positive reinforcement on the leaders of the ongoing effort to keep free market reforms rolling in the district.

See this week’s ad by following this link.

“The exciting changes sweeping this school district aren’t just happening by chance,” said AFPF State Director Dustin Zvonek. “They’re the result of conscious choices by courageous district leaders, who can’t continue to move the district forward without strong public support for those policies. Taking a passive attitude toward reform, and not actively supporting it, invites backsliding and retreat, given the effort teacher unions and other liberal groups are putting into dragging the district backward.”

A rollback of reform in Douglas County would have statewide implications, Zvonek said, given the rising stature changes have brought the district. “A win for anti-reform forces here could discourage reform efforts elsewhere,” he said. “That’s why we can’t just stand by and let that happen.”

Please direct interview requests or media inquiries to Dustin Zvonek at 1-720-219-1451.

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