Rally for Rural Colorado this Wednesday

May 13, 2013

The worst legislative session in memory may be over, but at least one important piece of unfinished business remains – getting Gov. Hickenlooper to veto SB-252, a bill that will force rural Coloradans to pay more on their utility bills in order to satisfy one-size-fits-all “green energy” mandates approved by urban legislators whose own constituents are unaffected.

Unless Hickenlooper hears from rural Colorado, and brings out his veto pen, this bill will become law and rural ratepayers will pay an unnecessary $4 billion in the years ahead, just so a bunch of Front Range liberals can get their Climate Crusader merit badges. Hickenlooper ran as a pragmatist, who would improve the state’s business climate and competitiveness. This is a test of whether that’s really who he is.

One way to send Hickenlooper the right message is by attending AFP’s Rally for Rural Colorado event this Wednesday, May 15, from 5 and 7 PM at the famous Johnson’s Corner Truck Stop and Restaurant, just south of Loveland on Interstate 25, exit 254 (Johnson’s Corner Exit). [Map]

What: Rally for Rural Colorado

Where:  Johnson’s Corner Truck Stop and Restaurant,  2842 South East Frontage Rd., Johnstown, CO 80534

When: 5 to 7 pm

Why:  Because we must stop unnecessary energy cost increases that hurt families, agriculture and the state’s fragile business climate.

If you can’t attend the rally, but still want to be heard on this important issue, call governor Hickenlooper’s office during business hours this week, at 303-866-2471, and politely but firmly tell him to veto SB-252. Energy policy shouldn’t be the plaything of clueless politicians, who seem intend on waging regulatory warfare on rural Colorado.

Hope to see you at Johnson’s Corners Wednesday. Bring signs. Bring friends. Bring your tractors if you can. And please phone the governor’s office if you can’t make it. He must hear from common sense Coloradans or the liberal special interests will win again.

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