New Federal School Standards Are Rotten To The “Core”

December 23, 2013

Can Washington do anything right?

The answer, unfortunately, is “not very often.”

And what’s true for healthcare is doubly true for public education, where decades of federal meddling have reduced America’s once-proud public education system to a shadow of its former self.

Take a moment to tell the Governor not to make it even worse with Common Core!

If we’ve learned anything from the Obamacare debacle, it’s that the self-styled “experts” in Washington aren’t always quite as smart as they think they are. Nor do they always serve our best interests with their one-size-fits-all “solutions.” It’s about one of those flawed federal “solutions,” called Common Core, that I’m writing you today.

If you haven’t yet heard about Common Core, or know very little about it, you’re not alone. It’s one of those feel-good federal efforts that fly below the radar before jumping up to bite us on the butt. You know the drill. Washington sets new “standards,” with the empty promise they’ll improve results. States are maneuvered into compliance with bribes or threats or a combination of both. States relinquish control over an issue that’s rightfully theirs, based on the false premise that Washington knows better than we do how to run public schools.

Has public education improved as a result of such interventions? Obviously not.  The more the feds have meddled, in fact, the worse things have gotten, much to the detriment of the schools and students Washington promised to “help.”

Unfortunately, in Colorado, Common Core already has been adopted by the governor and state legislators, who may not have fully understood the bill of goods they were buying. Yet it’s not so deeply entrenched that we can’t reverse ground, if we get your help in making that happen.

The first step is letting the governor know you support repealing Common Core as official state policy. We’ve set-up an online petition, found here, to help you deliver that message.

We may call on you again, once the legislature meets, to support bills aimed at reversing the state’s adoption of Common Core. We also may at some point ask you to weigh-in with your local school board, urging them to reject it as well.

But first thing’s first. Please sign our online petition.

Share it with your family, friends and associates, so they can send a message to the governor as well. That probably won’t be enough, by itself, to uproot Common Core while we still can. But it will give us a starting point on which to build.

Please take a few minutes now to sign the petition and share it with your network. A small investment of your time could make a big difference. And stay tuned for updates as we rally the grassroots to uproot Common Core.

In freedom,

Dustin Zvonek.

Colorado State Director

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