Legislative Record Review to Cover Angela Giron

August 26, 2013

Effort Will Highlight Giron Votes That Hurt Her Constituents

After working for weeks to put grassroots pressure against the extreme, out-of-step policies of Colorado Senate President John Morse, Americans for Prosperity-Colorado today announced that it would be broadening that legislative record review to include State Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo, who has voted in lockstep with Morse on most issues.

The constituents of both politicians are frustrated enough with their performance in the 2013 legislative session to put recall questions on the ballot. And while AFP-CO takes no position on the recalls themselves, this serves as a perfect opportunity to broaden the discussion to encourage Morse, Giron, and all Colorado legislators to serve their constituents better.

A perfect example of that, says AFP-CO, is Giron’s 2013 session support for SB-252, an expansion of the state’s renewable energy mandates that could mean significant utility bill hikes for her constituents in Pueblo West. “Angela Giron in this case showed that she cares far more about pandering to environmental extremists than about helping her constituents weather the tough economic times they’re facing,” said AFP-CO State Director Dustin Zvonek. “At least Senate President John Morse was cynical enough to exempt his constituents from the hit these command-and-control policies will put on their pocketbooks. But Angela Giron wouldn’t even do that for folks living in Pueblo West.

That’s only one of numerous Giron votes the group will be highlighting as part of the effort. “Just as John Morse seems to take his marching orders from out-of-state string-pullers in New York City and Washington, Giron seems to take her marching orders from Morse,” said Zvonek. “We hope that these efforts will help persuade both senators to recognize and correct the error of their ways.”

Follow this link to hear a related radio ad that begins airing today.

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