June 5 Statement on Signing of SB-252

June 05, 2013

AFP-Colorado Statement on Signing of SB-252

AFP-Colorado Acting State Director Sean Paige released the following statement in response to today’s signing of SB-252, a renewable energy mandates bill, by Gov. John Hickenlooper.

“The governor today failed an important test of leadership by signing a bill that will needlessly increase energy costs on rural Coloradans while also harming the state’s frail business climate. This was a chance for the governor to show that he represents not just the urbanized Front Range but the vast open areas of Colorado on which these costly energy mandates will fall hardest. SB-252 was hatched as part of a backroom deal between Front Range liberals, professional green extremists and a few niche companies that have learned to game the “green energy” racket. That Hickenlooper couldn’t muster a veto on this one isn’t something rural Colorado will soon forget.

The silver lining in all this, if there is one, is that the mask of moderation this governor likes to wear finally slipped off today, to reveal just another urban liberal hiding beneath. That, too, is something that Coloradans won’t forget as the cost and consequences of these mandates begin to be felt.

AFP-Colorado believes that free markets, consumer choice and private-sector technical innovation should be the primary drivers of energy policy, and that politically-motivated mandates of the kind approved here are a recipe for unnecessary ratepayer pain and a dysfunctional energy sector. That seems to be a lesson Colorado will have to be taught the hard way.”

If you have questions or need additional comments contact Sean Paige at spaige@afphq.org or (719) 337-0355.

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