“It’s Working” Will Keep Rolling in Douglas County

September 09, 2013

Group Boosts Effort to Highlight School Reform Successes

Parker, CO – Those fighting public school improvements in Douglas County got  disappointing news today, with the announcement by Americans for Prosperity  Foundation, the state’s largest free-market organization, that it would be  investing even more time and resources in “It’s Working,” a multi-faceted effort  aimed at keeping Douglas County Public Schools moving forward with ongoing  reforms. Today AFPF-CO is releasing two new television ads.

The opening phase of It’s Working featured a television  ad in which long-time district resident Denise Denny described the decline  of so many public schools and highlighted the reversal of those trends underway  in Douglas County, thanks in large part to a courageous, forward-thinking school  board.

A follow-up  ad, which begins running this week, explains what’s at stake in the “power  struggle” going on in the district between reformers and reactionary teachers  unions, who are angry about losing control over the district. Another followup  ad spotlights what an asset the school district is, making Douglas County a  magnet for families who want something better than the public school status  quo.

Both current ads can be viewed by clicking below:



“Those who’ve been bad-mouthing reform, and attacking the brave people behind  it, need to know that we’re going to keep correcting the record,” said AFP  Foundation-CO State Director, Dustin Zvonek. “Reform really is working for  Douglas County and many students and families will be hurt if the reforms are  rolled back. We’re just out here reminding folks that there’s a lot at  stake.”

Please direct all media inquiries to AFP Foundation-CO State Director  Dustin Zvonek at 720-219-1451.

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