Immediate Action Needed!

May 01, 2013

If you’re one of the 1.5 million Coloradans served by rural electric co-ops, and even if you’re not, a quick phone call or email today to four key members of Colorado’s legislature could help avert billions of dollars in unnecessary, economy-killing utility bill hikes coming Colorado’s way if SB-252 gets final approval and a signature from the governor.

This outrageous measure, which forces rural utility companies to meet expensive and arbitrary “green energy” mandates, must still clear a closely-divided Senate in order to move forward. Convincing just one or two key senators that they’ll pay a heavy price for voting “yes” on this bill might help Colorado dodge a bullet. And it will only take a few minutes of your time to make a difference.

Click here now to email the senators who will decide the fate of SB-252. A wrong vote now could mean significant future rate hikes for you and many other Coloradans. And even if you’re not served by a co-op, or living outside the districts of these senators, we know such politically-motivated mandates must offend your sense of fairness and common sense.

Don’t delay because final action on this bill could come later today. Don’t just stand by and let a bunch of urban politicos stick rural Coloradans with higher energy bills. Your voice needs to be heard. And we’ve made to quick and easy for you to weigh in.

After you email, please call the members listed below. Tell them SB 252 is wrong for Colorado.

Thank you for standing up for common sense energy policy.

Sean Paige
Deputy State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Colorado
Call these legislators and tell them to vote NO on SB 252 today!

Sen. Jeanne Nicholson, Senate District 16
(303) 866 – 4873

Sen. Angela Giron, Senate District 3
(303) 866-4878

Sen. Gail Schwartz, Senate District 5
(303) 866-4871

Sen. Cheri Jahn, Senate District 20

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