“Defending the Dream” In Fort Collins Feb 13

January 27, 2013

Defending the Dream

Why Economic Freedom is Key to America’s Revival

A roadmap forward by

Entrepreneur/Author/Adventurer Barry Farah

 Date: Wednesday February 13, 2013

Time: 6-9 PM

Where: The Lodge at Mackenzie Place

Event is Free and Open to the Public

4751 Pleasant Oak Drive Fort Collins, CO 80525

Map Link: http://goo.gl/maps/fvzuf

Maybe it takes someone who has lived the American Dream, from modest beginnings to well-earned success, to accurately diagnose why that dream is at-risk in modern America and what we can do to defend it from serious threats. In “Defending the Dream,” self-made success story Barry Farah explains not only why the American dream is endangered, but what we can do as Americans to make sure it is something future generations can aspire-to and achieve.

The answer isn’t in more government, or more central planning and control, says Farah, but in rediscovering the values of economic freedom and self-reliance that are deeply rooted in the American experience and are responsible for the remarkable prosperity, opportunity and liberty Americans have long enjoyed.

Those values may seem under siege at the moment, and maybe even in decline, as government at all levels grasps for even more power over our lives and our economy. These can seem like dark days for those who place a higher value on personal freedom than on state dominance and control. But there’s reason for optimism, Farah argues, if more Americans will only see that the key to preserving political freedom is protecting economic freedom, since the two walk hand-in-hand.

The greatest disconnect in America isn’t between right and left, Democrat or Republican, according to Farah – but between those who are willing to fight for economic freedom, thanks to a deeper understanding of the many blessings it brings, and those who fundamentally distrust freedom and prefer the security blanket of big government.

Economic literacy is just as important as civic literacy or cultural literacy, according to Farah, who in this inspiring presentation makes the irrefutable case for why economic freedom is better for America than state control, while laying out a roadmap forward for those determined to fight for their freedoms and keep the American Dream burning bright for our kids and grandkids.

Barry Farah is living proof the American Dream is real. Come hear him explain how we can ensure that it remains a possibility for all Americans, simply by defending the key principles that help keep the dream alive.

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