Deeper Into the Morass We Wade

January 03, 2013

Gov. John Hickenlooper is poised to plunge Colorado even deeper into the Obamacare morass, promising to pay for a federally-mandated Medicaid expansion with $280 million in miraculous “savings” he says can be pulled from the program. Problem is, the health care experts at Kaiser estimated late last year that Medicaid expansion will cost Colorado taxpayers $858 million over ten years, leaving a $578 million gap in the math that Colorado taxpayers will be on the hook for if Hickenlooper is wearing rose-colored glasses.

States have the power to opt-out of Medicaid expansion, according to last year’s otherwise abysmally-bad Supreme Court ruling: We had been holding out hope that Hickenlooper would be prudent, and independent-minded enough, to do so. But in this case, at least, he’s just playing the part of a party lemming, dragging Colorado deeper into the costly and complex morass called Obamacare.

State legislators may have something to say about this when they meet. Maybe cooler heads will prevail. But our view is that Obamacare, and all that comes with it, is a house of cards that will collapse in on itself in time, making official repeal a formality. Those states that stay as far away as possible from the house will be better off when it all falls down.\

Colorado, which was hesitantly standing on the porch, now seems poised to settle in as a permanent resident, a decision for which it will pay more dearly when the roof falls in.

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