Coloradans Share their Healthcare Stories

July 23, 2014

By Erin Amsberry

ObamaCare hurts Colorado families, period. No matter how much Senator Udall proclaims the benefits of the costly and inefficient health care bill, the truth is that real Colorado families are being hurt. Alessandra Desiderio, a Colorado wife and mother, recently shared her healthcare story with the Denver Post which detailed how Obamacare has affected her family.

Mrs. Desiderio desperately depends on her health insurance. She has battled cancer and her son has Chron’s disease thus requiring specialty treatment. Under Obamacare, she has seen her premiums increase, has faced the loss of a policy, and no longer has as many healthcare choices as she did before.

Mrs. Desiderio isn’t staying quiet, but using her story to tell her fellow Coloradans the hard facts about ObamaCare.

You can help raise your voice, too. Share your story about ObamaCare. And if you haven’t already done so, please tell Udall to face the facts and stop defending this horrific bill.

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