Any Agreement Not Linked to Spending Cuts is a “Raw Deal” for Taxpayers

October 16, 2013

Parker – In response to last night’s debt limit deal, AFP released the following statement:

AFP – CO State Director Dustin Zvonek said, “Last night’s debt limit increase, which fails to secure firm commitments to future spending cuts, in line with reductions imposed by the Budget Control Act, is deeply disappointing to those of us who believe Washington’s over-spending presents the biggest single threat to our nation’s economic and fiscal health. AFP has been clear that we strongly believe that spending must be capped at the previously agreed upon levels, and any increase to the debt ceiling must be met dollar-for-dollar with new spending cuts.”

AFP activists have been engaged in a years-long fight to curb wasteful spending. In the past several days alone, tens of thousands of activists across the country have contacted their lawmakers to tell them to stop the overspending.

“Striking a ‘deal’ now that doesn’t impose any spending discipline, including on runaway entitlement programs, ensures we’ll just be back in the same boat again soon. At some point, Washington must bow to reality and get spending and borrowing under control,” added Zvonek. “Kicking this can down the road, again, is a recipe for prolonged economic stagnation and national decline.”

For further information or an interview, please contact Dustin Zvonek at or 720.219.1451.

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