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September 18, 2013

Group Urges Hickenlooper to Return to Ideological Center

Parker, CO – Governor John Hickenlooper’s nearly $1 billion per year tax hike on the ballot this fall has been cruising along smoothly, powered by massive teacher union donations and the support of most heavy-hitting Democrats. But the smooth sailing ends this week for Governor Hickenlooper, as Americans for Prosperity-Colorado, the state’s leading free-market grassroots advocacy group, launches a multi-pronged effort aimed at questioning the timing and wisdom of what it’s calling the “hickhike.”

The group posted an online petition urging Coloradans to let the Governor, who ran as a pro-business pragmatist, know that his policies are damaging the state’s economy. The hard-hitting online ad argues that Colorado needs better leadership, not a costly new logo commissioned by Hickenlooper that got panned by many observers.

“The people are rising up to remind the Governor that this is still Colorado, not California, since he sometimes seems to forget which state he’s running,” said AFP Colorado State Director Dustin Zvonek. “We hope this initiative will send him a clear signal that he’s leading the state in the wrong direction.” Hickenlooper came to office as a business-friendly centrist, Zvonek points out, but he’s been drifting hard in the wrong direction, as shown by his support for the $1 billion per year tax hike on the ballot this fall.

Follow this link to view the petition.

Follow this link to view the online ad.

“With so much as stake for the state’s fiscal future and business climate, we thought now was the time to call him out for supporting policies that hurt, rather than help, the state’s economy.”

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