John Morse “Truth Team” is Covering Ground

August 08, 2013

Knocking on Doors and Working the Phones

AFP Encouraged by Response to John Morse Issue Advocacy Efforts

Colorado Springs – State Senator John Morse has cast many misguided votes, and taken many extreme positions, during a long political career. And Americans for Prosperity-Colorado has been working quietly and steadily over the past month, with the help of volunteers, to ensure that residents of Colorado Springs Senate District 11 put grassroots pressure against Morse’s consistently extreme policies.

AFP-Co takes no position on the recall itself, nor on the candidates appearing on the ballot. But the group, which has nearly 70,000 members across the state, is seizing the moment to broaden the debate about Morse’s policies in the Statehouse, highlighting ways his voting record has hurt the constituents be claims to serve. Canvassers are distributing literature (click here to view example door hanger) highlighting positions Morse has taken that are harmful to, or out of step with, his Colorado Springs constituents.

The group is quietly racking-up some impressive outreach statistics along the way, with volunteers making nearly 5,000 personal phone calls, accounting for nearly 200 hours of phone time, and canvassers knocking on nearly 3,500 doors – and the effort is only building momentum as time goes on.

Contacts with district residents suggest that Morse’s policies are perceived as out of touch, says AFP-Co Deputy State Director Sean Paige, who lives in Colorado Springs. “And there’s a lot of unhappiness about his extreme voting record and the outside influences who seem to be pulling his strings.”

Paige vows that, as long as the debate is going on, his group will continue with its efforts to urge Morse to bring his policies more in line with his constituents. “We’re finding that the more people know about Morse’s misguided policies, the more they will demand that he listen to them and represent them better.”

For further information or an interview, please contact Sean Paige at or (719) 337-0355.

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