AFP Responds to Obama’s Sequester Cuts List

February 25, 2013

Statement from AFP-CO Deputy Director Sean Paige

In Response to Release of White House Spending Cuts List

“In another sequester-related scare tactic, The White House over the weekend released a list of roughly $87 million in possible Colorado spending cuts that it threatens to make if sequester takes place. With these and other disreputable tactics, the President and his free-spending friends hope to silence those, like Americans for Prosperity-Colorado, who are simply asking Washington to take the first modest but meaningful step toward belt-tightening and fiscal responsibility.

We urge enterprising Colorado reporters to carefully fact-check these “cuts” and try putting them in context. While $87 million in lost federal revenue certainly means something to Colorado, it’s only 16 percent of what the Obama White House handed a private company, Solyndra, to waste on a failed green energy venture. To put it another way, the threatened cuts to Colorado constitute less than 1 percent of the $12 billion in new subsidies that President Obama, Colorado Sen. Mark Udall and others in Washington just handed the wind energy industry, as part of the fiscal cliff “deal.”

Washington seems to have plenty of money to waste on every conceivable green energy boondoggle and stimulus scam, yet the first thing on the chopping block, when crunch time comes, are the trickle-down federal payments to Colorado that fund social services and support military readiness. It’s a sign of how backward this administration’s priorities are that it is threatening to cut payments and services to states, while “doubling-down” on farm subsidies, ethanol subsidies, green energy boondoggles, stimulus scams, and many other wasteful program and expenditures too numerous to list here.

And the President isn’t the only Washingtonian with inverted priorities. Colorado Senator Mark Udall not long ago fought successfully to preserve the $1.4 billion the Pentagon spends annually on “green energy” gimmicky — wasteful spending that could have been used to cover the $57 million in possible military spending cuts Colorado faces as part of the sequester. Udall undoubtedly will pitch a fit about threatened sequester cuts to Colorado military facilities. But such cuts might not be necessary if Washington, at Udall’s urging, wasn’t blowing billions of dollars annually on green boondoggles.

What does Udall prioritize, and care about, more? It it more important that our environmentally-correct “green” military build biofuels facilities, and pay top dollar to run its aircraft and warships on exotic new fuels, or would that money perhaps be better spent on operations and training at Colorado military facilities? The federal spending crisis will never be brought under control until such trade-offs are made. But the green-leaning Udall, like many Washingtonians, wants to have his cake and eat it too, believing that we can simultaneously fund military frivolities and fundamentals. That, in a nutshell, is why federal spending and borrowing are completely out of control.

All this episode highlights, therefore, is how upside-down Washington’s priorities are. There would be plenty of money with which to spare Colorado these cuts if Washington would get its fiscal house in order and make tough choices. But this White House obviously would rather punish average Americans than throw the special interests and crony capitalists off the federal gravy train.

Of course there’s going to be modest discomfort resulting from these or any other federal spending cuts. No junkie gets off crack without going through withdrawals. But we believe that far greater harm will be done to the country’s economy and fiscal health by enabling and feeding Washington’s spending addiction.

We’ve really reached a low point in American politics when the White House, rather than sucking it up and eliminating lower-priority spending, of which there is plenty, attempts to tip the debate in its favor by engaging in thinly-veiled threats and shakedowns of this sort. We expect whining from Washington. But such threats and shake-down attempts are insulting and infuriating.”

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