AFP-CO Petition Presses for Answers on Missing $252 million

March 05, 2013

Colorado’s largest grassroots liberty group, Americans for Prosperity-Colorado,  this week launched a petition drive urging Gov. John Hickenlooper and state legislators to more fully investigate the internal workings of the 6-year-old Colorado Energy Office, following the results of an audit that found the office in disarray, with more than $250 million in funds that couldn’t be accounted for.

“That audit was a welcome first step in the direction of accountability, but only a first step” said AFP-Co  Deputy State Director Sean Paige. “It’s now imperative that the governor and legislators launch a full, no-limits probe not just of the office’s inner-workings, but of what recipients of energy office funds did with that money. The first report confirmed that the office is badly managed, but taxpayers are entitled to a detailed accounting of where millions of missing dollars have gone.”

The petition effort follows a failed attempt by Republican legislators to fund an expanded audit, which was blocked by Democrats on the Audit Committee on a party line vote. “This isn’t a partisan issue, it’s a good government issue, on which both sides should find common ground,” said Paige.  The unwillingness of Audit Committee to approve an expanded audit makes it appear that the full extent of Energy Office problems is being swept under the rug, said Paige. Only by understanding what went wrong can appropriate remedies be found.

The on-line petition can be found on the state chapter’s website or by using the domain name  It’s being promoted directly to AFP’s 70,000 members via email and through Facebook and Twitter. When the campaign has run its course, and as many signatures as possible have been gathered, the organization will share the results with Hickenlooper and state legislators.

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