AFP Applauds Governor’s Skepticism Regarding Regulatory “Science”

November 26, 2013

Parker – Americans for Prosperity – Colorado State Director Dustin Zvonek issued the following statement in response to Governor Hickenlooper’s remarks, as reported here and here, questioning whether the Department of Interior uses biased science and a “slanted” narrative when weighing endangered species listings:

“We don’t often agree with the governor, but he’s shown admirable candor and courage by speaking frankly about the sometimes-biased federal “science” Washington uses to support regulatory actions, including those imposed through the Endangered Species Act.  Given the high real-world costs that all  federal regulations can impose on everyday Americans, and the local and regional economic impacts such rules can have, any science used to support such actions should be rigorously reviewed and subject to tough cost-benefit analysis. The stakes are just too high for Coloradans to allow sloppy or agenda-driven science to impose unnecessary new burdens on the state or regional economy.

It’s worth noting that many species have found their way onto the threatened or endangered list in error, based on immature or shoddy science, which imposes unnecessary regulatory burdens and further undermines public support for legitimate, common-sense conservation measures. I know the governor will take a beating from professional environmental extremists for speaking frankly about such a touchy subject, but we believe he’s asking a question that needs much more attention from Congress than it’s getting. No regulation predicated on shady or questionable science can gain public support or legitimacy. We would suggest that Congress empowers an independent panel to investigate the credibility of federal regulatory science across the board, from the Interior Department to the EPA, because at the moment there’s obviously little public trust in the integrity of federal science.”

For further information or an interview, please contact Dustin Zvonek at or 720.219.1451.

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