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AFP California Praises San Diego For Qualifying True Pension Reform To This Years Ballot

November 09, 2011 J

AFP California Praises San Diego For Qualifying True Pension Reform To This Years Ballot

“Pension reform is now where it should be: in the hands of San Diego voters…”

Grassroots taxpayer advocacy organization Americans for Prosperity California congratulates San Diego Councilman Carl DeMaio for his record breaking success in qualifying Comprehensive Pension Reform (CPR) for the June 2012 ballot with 115,991 certified signatures.

“We are seeing this all over the state, people are angry with how government has been spending taxpayer dollars and are demanding change,” explained AFP State Chairman Peter Foy. “This ballot measure in San Diego will save taxpayers billions in the future.”

“Carl DeMaio has been a true champion for the interests of San Diego taxpayers”. stated AFP State Director David Spady, “This ballot measure is a bold and important step toward comprehensive pension reform. When this measure passes next year, San Diegans will ensure that they will not be faced with unnecessary tax increases and will continue to have the services the government is there to provide.”

San Diegans will go to the ballot this June to vote for one of the most thorough pension reform measure anywhere in the country. The CPR plan includes a 40l(k) style retirement system for all newly hired employees, an end to pension spiking, a cap on current employee pensions and will reform double-dipping pension programs. To read the full plan click here.

“Communities across California should look to San Diego as an example – without these types of reforms state and local government will be bankrupted,” stated Spady. “We cannot continue to grant extravagant pensions worth millions of dollars to public servants at the expense of hardworking taxpayers.”

To interview Peter Foy or David Spady, contact Aley Landstorm: (805) 229-1117.

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