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AFP California: Controller Chiang Upholds Proposition 25

June 21, 2011 J

AFP California: Controller Chiang Upholds Proposition 25

“The people of California deserve better than such petty political games”

State Chairman Peter Foy and State Director David Spady of grassroots advocacy organization Americans for Prosperity California issued the following comments regarding Controller John Chiang’s decision to reject the recently passed state budget and withhold legislators’ pay:

“We opposed Proposition 25 last year because we knew a simple majority vote wouldn’t protect taxpayers,” explained State Director David Spady. “We also knew that the provision withholding legislators’ pay if a balanced budget wasn’t passed by the constitutional deadline was a flimsy enforcement mechanism. Our reservations were borne out last week when Democrats passed a sham budget full of accounting gimmicks—just so they could keep their paychecks. The people of California deserve better than such petty political games—they deserve a truly balanced budget that forces the state to live within its means.”

“While we knew Democrats would find a way around Proposition 25’s provisions, what we couldn’t have anticipated is Controller Chiang actually enforcing it,” stated State Chairman Peter Foy. “This is a significant moment for California: both Governor Brown and Controller Chiang have opposed members of their own political party in order to abide by Proposition 25 and our constitutional mandate to pass a balanced budget.”

“Since Controller Chiang’s decision earlier today, we’ve heard a chorus of whining from Democrat legislators about losing their paychecks,” explained Spady. “Well, now maybe they’ll understand the suffering their constituents have experienced due to the disastrous decisions legislators have made in driving away businesses and jobs in our state.”

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