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AFP California: Governor was Right to Veto Sham Budget

June 16, 2011 J

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AFP California: Governor was Right to Veto Sham Budget

“Blaming those who are standing up for taxpayers won’t solve the problem.”

State Chairman Peter Foy and State Director David Spady of grassroots advocacy organization Americans for Prosperity California issued the following comments regarding Governor Brown’s veto of the state budget today:

“Governor Brown used the opportunity of his budget veto to once again blame the very legislators who are trying to protect taxpayers,” explained State Director David Spady. “Instead of blaming Republicans for taking a firm stand against more taxes, Governor Brown should look in the mirror and ask himself why he isn’t willing to make the decisions necessary to restore California’s economic prosperity. Blaming those who are standing up for taxpayers won’t solve the problem.”

“The budget passed just under the constitutional deadline last night was a complete sham,” stated State Chairman Peter Foy. “Full of gimmicks, spending reallocations and other accounting tricks, it was passed simply to defy Proposition 25’s requirement that a budget pass by the constitutional deadline or legislators forfeit their pay. This was a stunningly selfish act on the part of Democrats. Essentially, they said to taxpayers, ‘We care more about getting paid than turning around California’s bankrupt government.’ We knew that this particular provision in Proposition 25 was just lip service and politicians would find a way around it. Taxpayers are paying politicians to do nothing but worsen our economic situation in this state.”

“When voters approved Proposition 26 last fall, they specifically affirmed that a 2/3 majority is required to pass taxes,” explained Spady. “Now, Democrats are outright flouting this law by sneaking in all sorts of fees and tax measures. Taxpayers will now see that those who have driven this state to the fiscal precipice own this budget. With their majority vote, they proved they care more about their selfish interests than the overall good of California.”

“The only bright spot in this budget is that Republicans held the line on the vehicle and sales taxes expiring July 1st,” stated Spady. “Californians can be grateful to the minority party for giving them some tax relief. With the governor’s veto, it’s back to the drawing board on the state budget. This time, Democrats and Governor Brown must be willing to stop the irresponsible accounting gimmicks and make the critical cuts that will truly balance the budget.”

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