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Donnelly say Brown should return budget surplus to taxpayers

January 24, 2014 J

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican candidate for governor, said Wednesday that Gov. Jerry Brown should return any budget surplus to taxpayers rather than increase spending, because voters approved temporary tax increases in 2012 to shore up the state’s finances. “If Jerry Brown has a surplus, he should return it to the people he took it from — the [...]

Jerry Brown’s California: A State in Denial

January 24, 2014 J,

California Gov. Jerry Brown used yesterday’s “State of the State” address to congratulate himself on his state’s recovery: “A million new jobs since 2010, a budgetary surplus in the billions and a minimum wage rising to $10 an hour!” Yet he ignored the state’s obvious, lingering problems: high unemployment, a massive debt driven by pension [...]

Deal Reached on Plastic Bag Ban

January 24, 2014

Key California legislators have reached an agreement that could lead to a statewide ban on carry-out plastic bags at supermarkets, liquor stores and pharmacies by 2016, officials said Thursday. Lawmakers in Sacramento have debated similar proposals for years, facing opposition from manufacturers that produce billions of plastic shopping bags each year. Read more here. Like [...]

California to owe Feds up to $180 million

January 24, 2014 J,

California officials sought Wednesday to reassure congressional Republicans that the state will be able to match billions of dollars in federal funding for the state’s high-speed rail project, including a $180 million payment due in April. Funding for the $68 billion bullet train system is in legal limbo after two court rulings last year, one [...]

Lake Tahoe-Fireworks Lawsuit

January 24, 2014 J,

A federal lawsuit accusing the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority of polluting the alpine lake with debris from Fourth of July and Labor Day fireworks says the tourism agency and its contractor should be subject to up to $75 million in fines. Read more here. Like this post? Chip in $5 to AFP.

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