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A Pork Barrel Champion Is Crowned

April 08, 2014

Folks, we have a clear winner. After defeating fifteen other wasteful boondoggles, the $70 million that IRS bureaucrats received last year, was voted the number one waste of taxpayer dollars!  Keep in mind, these bonuses were given out right at the time that the agency was furloughing 90,000 employees due to dire sequestration cuts (which […]

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Two Remain: Vote Now in the Careless Championship

April 04, 2014

Your votes are in, and only two swine-tastic government spending programs are left to duke it out in the Careless Championship, where the stakes at risk are only millions of your hard-earned tax dollars! Once you’ve cast your vote, don’t forget to tweet your top pick using #CutItOut, and visit Spendopedia.org to learn more about […]

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The Frivolous Four: Vote Now!

April 03, 2014

We’re down to just four pork barrel projects that have advanced all the way to the Frivolous Four. Vote now for who should advance all the way to the final round! Once you’ve voted, be sure to tweet your picks using #CutItOut, and visit Spendopedia.org to learn more about questionable government spending. Loan to Build […]

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