AFP to Congress: Don’t Extend Wind PTC

November 10, 2014

Americans for Prosperity sent a letter to Capitol Hill today, calling on Congress not to renew the wind production tax credit (PTC). This costly tax break amounts to nothing more than a handout for wind energy and goes against energy job creation and affordability. The full letter can be read below: Dear Senators and Representatives: […]

Issues: Energy & Environment

October Jobs Report – Good, But Not Good Enough

November 07, 2014

While certain figures in the economy are certainly headed in the right in direction, there is much work left to be done. The majority of Americans continue to feel economically insecure in the face of a fragile job market, stagnant wages, and rising costs. More must be done to help middle-class families feel better about their situation at the kitchen table.

Issues: Labor, Education & Pensions

Coalition to Congress: Let the Wind PTC Expire

November 06, 2014

Americans for Prosperity is proud to join a coalition calling on Congress to let the Wind PTC expire. Extending this tax provision in a lame duck session would be a mistake and lawmakers should oppose this misguided policy. See the full letter below: Like this post? Chip in $5 to AFP.

Issues: Energy & Environment

Senator Coburn’s “Wastebook” Should be a Call to Action

November 03, 2014

With the amount of money the federal government needlessly wasted last year, we could have gone to the moon and back–and still had cash to spare. Senator Coburn’s annual “Wastebook” of the federal government’s most egregious examples of wasteful spending should be a call to action for taxpayers.

Issues: Budget & Spending Taxes

Washington Gets A Raise; But Americans Don’t

November 03, 2014

Times are tough in America’s slowly recovering economy. The percentage of American’s working is still at its lowest levels since the Disco-days of the Carter administration. Even those with jobs are struggling as median incomes have dropped to 1996 levels, and inflation adjusted wages for every income bracket are falling. Washington however, seem to be immune from the struggles of everyday Americans. With record revenues coming from taxpayers; times are good in Washington.

Issues: Budget & Spending Health Care & Entitlements