Two New Ads on ObamaCare Accountability

December 26, 2013

New ads launching today in two states

Arlington, VA – Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest grassroots advocate for health care freedom, announced the launch of a new TV ad campaign holding lawmakers accountable for their support of ObamaCare.

This is the latest wave of an ongoing effort that has spent more than $16 million dollars educating citizens on where their representative stands on the president’s disastrous health care law. The latest ad effort takes Rep. Nolan (MN-8) and Rep. Kuster (NH-2) to task for voting in support of ObamaCare. The ads will run on cable and broadcast television, with an ad buy exceeding $600,000.

View the MN-8 TV ad here
View the NH-2 TV ad here

AFP President Tim Phillips said, “Months after the problematic rollout, Americans are starting to feel the true impact of ObamaCare. They’re getting less choice, more problems and higher insurance premiums. Politifact rated President Obama’s broken promise the ‘lie of the year,’ and yet some politicians continue to stand by this law that is hurting the very people it was supposed to help. 

“As millions of Americans lose the health plans they were promised they could keep, it’s time for lawmakers to stop thinking about politics, start thinking about people, and put a stop to this law.”

The TV ad campaign will be supported by radio and digital ads, as well as robust grassroots action on the local level.

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