Spending Cuts Only 2 Cents Out-Of-A-Dollar

February 19, 2013

AFP Releases Video: Not A Single Dime?

Arlington, VA- Today, Americans for Prosperity responded to President Obama’s comments regarding the Sequester with a new online video outlining the President’s doublespeak in the SOTU address, where he called for a host of new programs but alleged they would not raise the deficit “by one dime.”

“President Obama opposes any substantive spending cuts, while calling for new government programs and spending, with ever higher taxes to pay for the excesses of his Administration,” said AFP President Tim Phillips. “The President said today that ‘deficit reduction is not an economic plan,’ after his call last week for more projects and programs all while claiming the projects would not raise the deficit ‘by one dime.’ But four straight years of overspending by a trillion dollars tells a different story.

“Taxpayers are tired of Obama’s broken promises. Spending cuts are given lip service, but we’ve seen time and again that the tax hikes are real and the cuts never actually happen.”

To view the response video click here.

AFP supports cutting government spending at least to levels detailed through the Sequester.  Public support for cutting government spending remains very high. In a Public Notice poll from January, 74% of Americans believe the federal government spends too much.  Last week Fox News Poll released a poll showing 73% of Americans believe that cutting spending is more likely to strengthen the economy compared to 15% who believed in increased spending. A recent Gallup poll showed 72% of Americans think it’s extremely important that President Obama make “significant cuts in federal spending” in his second term.

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