Jobs Report Shows at Least 12 Years to Full Recovery

February 01, 2013

AFP Releases Infographic: Over a Decade For Recovery

Arlington, VA- Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost advocate for economic freedom, released the following statement from AFP President Tim Phillips:

“The President, with the dissolution of the jobs council yesterday, seems woefully out of touch with the 22 million Americans who are still searching for work,” said AFP President Tim Phillips.  “Unemployment is higher today and the economy remains stagnant because Obama’s big-government policies are bad for the economy and bad for jobs.  At this feeble rate, a full jobs recovery is still at least 12 years away.”

AFP released the infographic above to illustrate the anemic economic recovery.

More than 4.7 million Americans have been without work for longer than 27 weeks and more than 12 million are unemployed.  More than 10 million Americans are underemployed, bringing the number of people who are seeking work to 22 million.

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