Happy Holidays from Obamacare #4: Pay More, Get Less

December 11, 2013

Happy Holidays from Obamacare #4: Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions May Have Worse or No Coverage, But Will Pay More than Ever

Arlington, VA – Today, Americans for Prosperity continued its “Three Weeks of Obamacare’s Problems” campaign that continues to counter the administration’s one-sided claims about the benefits of Obamacare.

Despite claims by the White House, Obamacare actually harms millions of Americans who have pre-existing conditions. This includes those who have lost their doctors or their existing plans as well as those who are paying more in premiums, deductibles, or both.

Here are the facts:

Obamacare’s Exchange Plans Have Higher Premiums and Deductibles

–          According to Forbes, consumers in 41 states and DC can expect an average premium increase of 41%.

–          The Wall Street Journal reports that the average deductible for the lowest level of plans on the Obamacare exchanges is 42% higher than it was before the law.

Obamacare Exchange Plans Have Fewer Doctors

–          Tens of thousands of doctors are not participating in the exchange systems, such as in California, where 70% of doctors won’t participate.

–          In New Hampshire, almost 40 percent of the state’s hospitals can’t participate in the Obamacare exchanges, leaving many of the state’s citizens with an hours-long drive to the nearest hospital covered by their plans.

–          Obamacare’s cuts to the Medicare Advantage program could result in seniors discovering “that a doctor they had a relationship with is no longer in the network.”

–          Obamacare Architect Ezekiel Emanuel recently stated in an interview that Americans who want to keep their doctors will have to pay more for this privilege.

Healthcare.gov Enrollees Aren’t Actually Enrolled

–          An “untold number” of Americans who have signed up for health insurance for 2014 may not actually be enrolled because of Healthcare.gov’s continued problems, according to the Huffington Post.

–          Insurers continue to receive incorrect data from Healthcare.gov, according to CNN.

Tim Phillips, President of AFP, concluded: “Like many of Obamacare’s other ‘benefits,’ the President doesn’t put Obamacare’s coverage of pre-existing conditions in context. No wonder: Millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions are losing their plans and their doctors but are paying more for worse coverage, while others aren’t enrolled at all. None of this benefits Americans—and the President would realize that if he stopped putting politics over people.”

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