Happy Holidays #1: Obamacare forces Americans to pay more; limits choice for those with chronic illnesses

December 05, 2013

Happy Holidays #1: Obamacare Mandates Force Americans to Pay More, While Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage Limits Choices for People with Chronic Illnesses

President Obama has recently touted Obamacare’s mandate that all insurance plans cover preventive care as well as its requirement that preexisting conditions also be covered.

Both promises have serious problems. The size and scope of Obamacare’s benefits mandates forces average Americans to pay more for services they may not need or want—including some things they could never even use.

As for the coverage of pre-existing conditions, Obamacare actually limits choices and worsens coverage for some people who need the most help. For some people with life-threatening and chronic pre-existing illnesses, their quality of coverage actually decreases—and they might even lose their coverage altogether.

Here are the facts:

Coverage Mandates
Premiums and deductibles spike
. There are millions of Americans who are now paying more for their healthcare because they’ve been forced to buy plans overburdened with mandated benefits.

CNN reports that the “government’s new coverage mandates may force some consumers to pay more.”

Independent studies from research firms Milliman and Oliver Wyman attribute premium increases of up to 17% to new coverage mandates.

The Wall Street Journal reports that chronically ill patients could be shocked at the expensive out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs lurking inside plans that have low monthly premiums.

Coverage mandates force people to pay for services they can’t even use. Obamacare limits Americans’ choices by forcing them to buy certain services.

Men and women must pay for maternity care, regardless of whether they will ever become parents.

Non-parents must pay for pediatric care.

This hurts individual Americans.
George Schwab was told to buy a plan with a $1,208 monthly premium—a $980 increase over his pre-Obamacare payments.

Jennifer Harris saw her premiums spike from $98 a month to $238 a month.

Michael Hood and his family found a comparable plan that increased his premiums from $324 to $895, with a total annual cost increase of up to $10,000.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Americans with pre-existing conditions are losing coverage.
The Advisory Board Company and the Manhattan Institute have published studies demonstrating that people who currently can see the world’s best doctors won’t be able to under Obamacare.

Edie Sunby, who suffers from stage 4 gallbladder cancer, lost her doctor and her high quality of health care because the Obamacare market was too restrictive and expensive.

Jeffrey Blank wasn’t able to take his daughter, who had a rare bone disease disorder, to her regular check-ups because Obamacare restricted their plan.

Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity, said: “These stories demonstrate how Obamacare’s numerous coverage mandates are harming individual Americans. Obamacare only forces everyone on to mediocre plans that restrict their coverage and don’t actually meet their individual needs.”

Phillips concluded: “Despite the President’s best efforts today, the negative impact of Obamacare cannot be glossed over by political spin. It’s time to put people over politics when it comes to health care—and that means holding accountable the politicians like President Obama who continue to support this disastrous law.”


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