Budget Deal is Bad Politics, Bad Policy

December 18, 2013

Americans for Prosperity: Murray-Ryan Budget Breaks Spending Promise

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s leading grassroots advocate for less spending and lower taxes, expressed disappointment in the Senate passage of the Murray-Ryan budget, which violates the Budget Control Act spending caps and substantially increases federal spending:

“Today’s budget vote replaces bipartisan spending limits with gimmicks and empty promises,” stated Tim Phillips, President of AFP. “The American people were promised reasonable spending cuts, but are now forced to accept billions more in immediate spending, based on a shaky promise that Members of Congress won’t again go back on their word a decade from now.”

In an op-ed published in Politico Magazine yesterday, Tim Phillips articulated exactly why AFP is opposed to the Murray-Ryan budget deal, and how a poorly-conceived strategy led to a willingness among Republicans to cave in on moderate spending cuts.

Tim also describes why keeping up the fight on Obamacare does not mean a choice between sacrificing core principles on government spending or forcing the government into a shutdown. Read that piece HERE.

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