Americans for Prosperity-PA Applauds 33 State Reps for Courageous Stand Against Medicaid Expansion Scheme

June 28, 2013
Americans for Prosperity-PA Applauds 33 State Reps for Courageous Stand Against Medicaid Expansion Scheme
HARRISBURG — Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania, the state’s largest grassroots free market organization, applauds the 33 state representatives who signed a letter to House leadership stating they will vote NAY on the budget if Medicaid expansion is included, calling the group, “courageous.”
“The representatives who signed the letter to House leadership withholding their vote on the budget had a “profile in courage” moment,” said Jennifer Stefano, State Director of Americans for Prosperity.  “The names on that letter are the names that will lead not just Pennsylvania but our country into the future.  Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania is proud to stand in solidarity with the men and women who took a bold stand for what was right and acted courageously.”
Americans For Prosperity-Pennsylvania has taken the lead in fighting the expansion of Medicaid in Pennsylvania and mobilized activists both in Harrisburg and in key districts to stop the Governor and the General Assembly from backing the expansion.   Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania also successfully lobbied the Governor last December to not set up a state based exchange under Obamacare.  The grassroots group brought over 500 people to the Capitol last October to rally against the state exchange and more than 300 people in early June.  The effort of being able to mobilize an army impacted the Medicaid debate inside the Capitol.
“The Pennsylvania legislators who have taken this bold and public stand deserve our praise not just for saying no to a failed and broken entitlement program, but to having Obamacare burden our state any more than it already does.  By standing up against a Medicaid expansion so publicly and withholding their vote on the budget, these legislators showed true concern for those already relying on Medicaid as well as protecting the working families of our Commonwealth,” added Stefano.  “We thank the representatives who signed the letter for refusing to go along with both Republicans and Democrats who claimed Medicaid expansion would be an economic boon to the state.  It’s wrong and immoral to improve the economy off the backs of the poor or to claim to be “doing good” by expanding a system where the poor have worse health outcomes than the uninsured and the working families of the state would have been left bearing the burden.  Forbes Magazine called Medicaid a ‘humanitarian crisis’ and we stand with the Representatives on the letter who stop its further expansion into Pennsylvania.”
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