AFP Thanks Members of Congress Who Rejected Tax-and-Spend Bill

January 02, 2013

Arlington, VA- Today, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nation’s leading grassroots advocate for economic freedom and limited government, congratulates the Representatives and Senators who did the right thing and rejected the new spending and tax hikes contained in the “Fiscal Cliff” bill.

“We are proud of the 167 Representatives and eight Senators who voted against this tax-and-spend bill,” said Tim Phillips, President of AFP.  “Doing the right thing is rarely easy, but going along with President Obama’s agenda to raise taxes while adding more big government spending is bad economics and bad for the country.”

“Although there were some positive aspects of the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ bill, overall it advances failed policies, allows taxes to increase, doesn’t cut spending and is one of the worst examples of Washington politicians cutting backroom deals,” said James Valvo, policy director of AFP.

Read more AFP commentary on the fiscal cliff bill here:


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