AFP Responds to White House ObamaCare Offensive with More Accountability

December 04, 2013

$275K TV buy says Kirkpatrick, Congress shouldn’t have special treatment under the legislation.

PHOENIX — Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost advocate for health care freedom, is launching a new television ad today in response to the White House’s new ObamaCare spin campaign. The latest ad holds Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick accountable for continuing to support the law, which provides special treatment for Congress while regular Americans suffer under the law.

The ad can be viewed here and will run in Arizona’s 1st district for three weeks at a cost of $275,000. It urges viewers to call Rep. Kirkpatrick and tell her to stand up for her those hurt by the law, not for special treatment for Congress.

“Americans deserve better than a two-tiered system in which the well-connected get breaks and special treatment while the rest of us have to pay the price for this disastrous legislation,” said AFP-Arizona State Director Tom Jenney. “Representative Kirkpatrick continues to voice support for ObamaCare, despite the fact that it’s causing insurance cancellations and rising premiums while restricting health care choice. These ads are helping frustrated Arizonans break through the White House spin campaign and hear the real facts about ObamaCare.”

Americans for Prosperity has undertaken a nationwide accountability campaign, thanking members of Congress who have fought against the law for regular Americans and holding others accountable. More ads can be viewed here.

AFP has consistently opposed ObamaCare since its inception in 2009. Tens of thousands of activists have already signed the group’s “Exempt Me, Too!” petition at, asking for the same special treatment members of Congress and the well-connected have received.

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