November 14, 2013

Arlington, VA – Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest grassroots advocate for healthcare freedom, issued the following statement in response to the President’s recent announcement that he will make changes to allow individuals to keep their health insurance plans under his health care law.

AFP President Tim Phillips said, “The President continues to put politics before patients. Instead of going to Congress to repeal this burdensome law, he is once again relying on administrative patches and attempting to delay the painful consequences of ObamaCare until after the 2014 midterms.

“With his recent announcement, the President is bowing to political pressure from congressional members within his own party, not from the millions of Americans who are losing the insurance plans they were told they could keep.

“President Obama has left a trail of broken promises in his fervor to advance his signature law. He repeatedly promised hardworking Americans that his law would be ready for implementation; clearly it is not. As we get further along in implementation, the deep, fundamental flaws in ObamaCare will continue to be exposed.”

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