AFP Responds to Obama Speech Claiming Benefits of ObamaCare

July 18, 2013

Arlington, VA – Today, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nation’s largest free market grassroots organization, released the following statement from AFP President Tim Phillips regarding President Obama’s speech on the benefits of ObamaCare.

“It’s telling that after three and a half years the President is still trying to convince Americans to accept this health care train wreck. Truly beneficial policy doesn’t require a PR blitz, yet we see Obama highlighting a few miniscule details while ignoring the law’s broad negative impact.

“ObamaCare was poorly constructed from the beginning and is now nearly impossible to implement. Obama’s own administration admitted as much, by delaying large swathes of the law.

“Study after study has shown that the true impact of ObamaCare is diminished choice, higher costs, expanded IRS scrutiny, and greater involvement by the federal government in our private health care decisions. It’s a bad law and needs to be repealed.”

AFP recently launched a million-dollar educational effort highlighting the many doubts and concerns Americans have about ObamaCare. The TV ad “Questions” can be viewed here.

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