December 11, 2013

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity offered the following reaction to the announced budget deal today:

“This budget compromise is not just bad policy, it is bad politics,” said AFP President Tim Phillips. “The American people remember hard-won bipartisan spending limits set by the sequester, and are not  pleased to see their conservative representatives so easily go back on their word to rein in government over-spending.

“This is about protecting the pocketbook of average Americans, not about shutting down the government or refusing to compromise. Lawmakers should simply continue an existing, bi-partisan agreement that has already reduced overspending and is not compromising our modest economic recovery.

“Spending levels were set by law at $967 billion. Exceeding those levels by $45 billion takes us in the wrong direction; further from fiscal responsibility, and further from the promise made to the American people.

 “It is disappointing to see Chairman Ryan forget lessons learned this past spring, when House Republicans united to win reasonable spending limits in the face of President Obama’s hysterical predictions that even modest cuts would harm our nation.”

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