AFP Leads Broad Coalition Standing Against Wind PTC

June 09, 2014

117 organizations send letter to Congress to keep wind energy subsidy expired

Arlington, Va. – Today Americans for Prosperity and a broad coalition of organizations are releasing a letter to Congress urging lawmakers to oppose renewing the expired federal wind production energy tax credit.

The letter includes 117 signers, including the American Energy Alliance, American Conservative Union, Americans for Tax Reform, R Street Institute, Club for Growth, American Commitment, Heritage Action, and others.

The subsidy expired at the end of 2013 after AFP and a coalition of 102 organizations sent a similar letter to Capitol Hill calling on lawmakers to end the tax credit.

Americans for Prosperity National Issue Campaign Manager Christine Harbin Hanson said: “I’m proud that our coalition has been successful thus far in keeping the wind energy tax credit expired, but Congress is still actively engaged in debate on this issue. The bottom line is: when the federal government props up failing energy industries by giving them handouts, hardworking Americans end up footing the bill.

“Legislation that renews recently expired tax breaks is currently working its way through Congress, and lobbyists for Big Wind are working overtime to make sure that the wind production tax credit is included. Constituents didn’t send their lawmakers to Washington to enact policies that will cost jobs, distort the energy market, and drive up energy bills — but if Congress extends the wind production tax credit, that’s precisely what they’re poised to do.”


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