10 More to Watch during ObamaCare Implementation

June 24, 2013

This morning The Hill newspaper published its list of “10 to watch on ObamaCare rollout.” The list, in typical D.C. fashion, includes 10 proponents for ObamaCare implementation ignoring the many experts who are bearish on ObamaCare’s chances to succeed.

We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a few voices that will play a critical role balancing the pro-ObamaCare crowd and in highlighting the law’s many flaws.  In an effort to avoid the same foible that besmirched The Hill’s list, we’ve also included a few of our favorite “progressive” health care luminaries.     

Alec Aramanda—Legislative Assistant, Health Care for Senator Ted Cruz

Since joining the Senate in January, Senator Ted Cruz has led the fight to block implementation of ObamaCare. Alec Aramanda, Cruz’s chief health care staffer, provides the Senator with key updates and strategies to slow down the upcoming health care “train-wreck.” A former staffer for Senator Jim DeMint, Aramanda is no stranger to passionate health care debates in the Senate.

Michael Cannon—Director of Health Care Studies, Cato Institute

A leading free-market health care expert, Michael Cannon has become the go-to expert regarding state health insurance exchange creation. In a groundbreaking piece with Jonathan Adler, Cannon showed how the Internal Revenue Service is violating the text of ObamaCare by providing access to premium tax credits in federally-facilitated exchanges. Using Cannon and Adler’s research and arguments, the state of Oklahoma is suing the federal government to ensure that the IRS and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) honor the text of ObamaCare.

Dean Clancy—Vice President of Public Policy, FreedomWorks

A former Capitol Hill and White House staffer, Dean Clancy is well-known in health policy circles in Washington, D.C. and to FreedomWorks’ millions of activists across the country. In tandem with AFP, FreedomWorks has led efforts across the country to oppose state health insurance exchange creation and ObamaCare repeal fights in Washington.

Bobby Jindal—Governor of Louisiana

Governor Jindal has been a vocal opponent of ObamaCare since its genesis in 2009. However, unlike many other governors, Jindal has long been considered a health care policy expert. Jindal served both as the Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and as a principal advisor to the federal Department of Health and Human Services. Jindal has blocked efforts to create a state-based health insurance exchange and to expand the Medicaid system in Louisiana.

Emily Murray—Policy Advisor for House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy

Emily Murray is Republican House Leadership’s go-to staffer for any and all health care questions. As implementation and roll-out happens, Murray’s advice to Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor and Majority Whip McCarthy will go a long way to dictating floor schedules and messaging from the House GOP Conference.

Teresa Oelke—VP of State Operations, Americans for Prosperity

As state director for the AFP-Arkansas, Teresa Oelke has led the grassroots fight to block a health insurance exchange in Arkansas and the so-called Arkansas-style Medicaid expansion over the last several years. Oelke now transitions her experience with hundreds of grassroots events in Arkansas to the Vice President of State Operations for Americans for Prosperity leading opposition to implementation efforts across all of AFP’s state chapters. A wife and mother, Oelke understands how much this top-down, bureaucratic approach to health care affects families and limits patients’ options.

Avik Roy—Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute and Columnist for Forbes

A former health care advisor to Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Avik Roy’s The Apothecary column is a must-read for all those watching ObamaCare implementation. Roy is an expert on Medicaid and its broken promises to enrollees writing numerous articles discussing the “humanitarian crisis” within our social safety net. Roy frequently advises state legislators and governors regarding their decision to expand Medicaid under ObamaCare.

Mary Taylor—Lieutenant Governor of Ohio

As Lt. Governor and Insurance Commissioner of Ohio, Mary Taylor has had a clear view of the difficulties facing states in implementing ObamaCare. As an opponent of both state health insurance exchange creation Taylor has stood strong for patient-centered health care in the face of opposition within her party. Taylor has also been a vocal critic of the rising cost of insurance due to ObamaCare fueled by guaranteed issue and community rating requirements noting that the Society of Actuaries estimates an 80% increase in the price of insurance in Ohio.

Here are some individuals who support implementation that AFP will be watching closely:

Adrianna McIntyre—Blogger, Project Millennial

A graduate student at the University of Michigan and supporter of ObamaCare, Adrianna McIntyre’s blog—co-written with a few others—is a must read for a detailed analysis of implementation efforts and the hurdles and challenges facing states and HHS. Her blog details the more technical issues involved with ObamaCare and is a vital source of updates to the process.

Donald Taylor—Professor, Duke University and Blogger

A former blogger for the go-to liberal health care blog, The Incidental Economist, Taylor now writes on for own website. Taylor is a professor of health care policy at Duke University. His blog features frequent updates about ObamaCare implementation in North Carolina—a state opposing Medicaid expansion and creation of a state health insurance exchange. His on-the-ground wonkery is an essential glimpse into the challenges facing North Carolina, and many other states, over the next several months.

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