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Americans for Prosperity Thanks Rep. Cotton for Fighting for Arkansas

May 28, 2014

Congressman Said No to Regulations on Farmers, Debt Spending, and ObamaCare LITTLE ROCK – Americans for Prosperity – Arkansas today released a new television ad thanking Representative Tom Cotton for his solid record fighting for Arkansas families. Rep. Cotton scored 100% on Americans for Prosperity’s Scorecard because of his steadfast opposition to increased red tape […]

Americans for Prosperity on Jana Della Rosa’s ObamaCare Record

May 15, 2014

ROGERS – Americans for Prosperity’s Vice President of State Operations, Teresa Oelke, released the following statement, highlighting Jana Della Rosa’s record on the ObamaCare private option: “AFP-Arkansas has focused on healthcare, and what the impact of the government take over has had on citizens, since we started the state chapter in 2009.  The facts are, […]

Bad news for the Arkansas Medicaid Expansion

May 03, 2014

So some people keep touting the Private Option Medicaid expansion. But it looks like things aren’t so rosy. From The Washington Times: Since it was adopted last year, the Arkansas “private option” has been the model for red states eager to expand Medicaid, which was originally meant to help the down and out, to a […]

The Audit We Really Need

April 14, 2014

AFP-Arkansas Director Jason Cline has an op-ed featured in Talk Business. Below are a few of the highlights, and it’s really worth a full read. To view the full article, please click here. As you read this, millions of Americans are scrambling to finalize their tax returns before the April 15th deadline, crossing every “T” […]

Americans for Prosperity to Host Tax Day Rally Saturday with Dana Loesch

April 10, 2014

National Day of Action will Kick Off Grassroots Activities Across the Nation ROGERS – Americans for Prosperity is channeling grassroots frustration with wasteful federal spending into a National Day of Action. In Arkansas and multiple states across the nation, rallies, phone banks, and door knockings will give activists an opportunity to tell Washington to cut […]