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October 29, 2014

Vice President and Acting State Director of Arkansas’ Leading Grassroots Organization Available to Provide Pre-Election Commentary LITTLE ROCK – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Vice President and Acting Arkansas State Director Teresa Oelke is available to provide pre-election commentary about the issues facing the state this election. Teresa is particularly knowledgeable about the impact of President Obama’s policies on the local economy, such as […]

Thank Brandt Smith for standing against Obamacare

October 27, 2014 J,

In a recent article featured in Talk Business, Brandt Smith reiterated his opposition to Obamacare Medicaid expansion in Arkansas. Smith said the vote would be a tough one, but that he would take a position of opposing it. “I am not against helping people, but how do you pay for it?” Smith told the crowd. […]

Rep. James McLean Said YES to Obamacare in Arkansas

October 23, 2014 J,

Arkansans have overwhelmingly spoken out against Obamacare time and time again. But State Representative James McLean turned a deaf ear to his constituents and all other Arkansans when he voted to bring Obamacare home. And what has that vote done for taxpayers? It’s costing us all $20 Billion. With all the things we must pay for […]

Thank you Laurie Rushing and Dan Sullivan

October 23, 2014 J,

The everyday cost of living keeps going up here in Arkansas. Between the higher costs of groceries, gas, and healthcare it’s harder to make ends meet for almost everyone. But Laurie Rushing has promised to stand up against new energy taxes and the newest EPA mandates that are trying to force unwanted and unneeded burdens […]