No Empty Promises Town Hall in Hot Springs

December 06, 2013

In mid-January Congress will consider legislation the Continuing Resolution (CR) Act that grants the federal government funds for the rest of the fiscal year. It is important that we all understand what this act is about. So please join us on Thursday, December 12 at 7:00 at the Austin Hotel in Hot Springs to learn more!

Previous promises by President Obama and members of Congress have stated that $967 billion will be used to fund the federal government, which was established in the Budget Control Act. But maybe some Senators and Congressmen/women don’t understand that hardworking taxpayers like us are the ones that fund the government, and we want our money spent wisely.  That must be the reason that some are now suggesting that number should be raised to $988 billion.

We always hear about politicians that are running for office rant and rave about how the federal government’s spending is out of control and that the citizens deserve better. As a matter of fact, Arkansans do deserve better that broken promises by Congress and the President. If every day Arkansans have to make cuts in their own budget because of hard economic times so should the federal government. Responsible Arkansans are forced to create a budget and not spend above their means. How is it that the federal government should be given the chance to raise their spending limit? IT’S NOT!

The purpose of the CR debate is to hold the government’s spending in check. Conservative lawmakers have worked tirelessly making sure the Budget Control act was put into place. Arkansans should continue to support efforts to make sure these caps stay capped and promises are kept! We must hold Congress responsible for their promises and send a message that the American people specifically Arkansans will not accept empty promises now or in the future!

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