Americans for Prosperity Thanks Pryor for Voting to Keep Sequester

March 04, 2013

Both Senators Stood for Fiscal Responsibility, Pryor Rejected Partisanship

LITTLE ROCK, AR – In response to news that Senators Mark Pryor and John Boozman voted against the Democrat plan to replace the sequester which goes into effect today, Americans for Prosperity – Arkansas issued a note thanking the Senators, in particular Mark Pryor, for listening to Arkansas’ grassroots activists. Over the past few weeks AFP activists have called, tweeted, facebooked, and emailed Senator Pryor in support of keeping the sequester and supporting spending reductions.

“Senator Pryor made a stand for fiscal responsibility over partisanship when he voted against his party’s plan to replace the sequester spending reductions with tax increases and minimal spending cuts,” explained Teresa Oelke, State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “Arkansans know that Washington has a spending problem and that it is time for the federal government to cut spending. This vote is the first time we have seen Senator Pryor take an affirmative stand for fiscal responsibility in over four years. In fact, his AFP budget and spending career score is abysmal two percent, while Senator Boozman’s budget and spending score is 79 percent.”

“This is the first time in years that AFP Arkansas has had the opportunity to thank both of our US Senators for being fiscally responsible.

We appreciate Senators Boozman and Pryor for voting to keep the sequester.”

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