AFP-Arkansas responds to State of the Union

February 13, 2013

State of the Union turns out to be more of the same
AFP-Arkansas responds to the President

LITTLE ROCK – Tonight’s State of the Union address offered more of the same rhetoric from President Obama.

With no ending of over spending in sight, here are a few figures that continue to balloon:
· The projected increase in spending for 2013 is up $15 billion from 2012.
· The projected deficit for 2013 is $845 billion coinciding with a $600 billion spending hike under the direction of the President.

“President Obama gave a very thoughtful and persuasive speech this evening. Unfortunately, the President’s words do not match his actions when it comes to putting our economy back on track,” said Americans for Prosperity – Arkansas Director Teresa Crossland-Oelke.

Oelke continued, “The President continues to spend nearly a trillion dollars more than we take-in this year and he has done so every year since taking in office. Arkansas families have tightened their belts and made real cuts in their budget during this downturn because that is responsibility to their families. The President, in contrast, continues to pay for his out of control spending with money borrowed from future generations. It is time for him to act responsibly and get Washington, DC’s spending addiction under control.”


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